Janice Miller, New Chapter Development Coordinator

If you want information on starting a new AGTS chapter, contact Janice C. Miller, our New Chapter Development Coordinator, at (215) 771-5049 or by email or use the web form below.

The first step in setting up a new chapter is to contact the school superintendent to determine if there is any interest in establishing the program.  Another alternative to this is to speak to your school principal and the art teacher.  In some cases, the principal approaches the superintendent when he/she wants the program in that particular school. Once the district has expressed interest, Janice will create a recruiting flyer to see if any of the community is available for volunteering. When several people respond, Janice will set up a date to speak to the group and show the CBAGTS recruiting and training DVD. She will stay and answer all questions and will be available for a day or night meeting or both.

Renoir-Girl-with-Watering-Can1After a number people have agreed to volunteer, Janice will present several reproductions to classes in the school.  The prospective volunteers are invited to observe student reactions and interest. Even if a small number of volunteers want to move forward, meeting dates for the group will be scheduled.

Most important a leader and hopefully a co-leader should be selected. The leaders will be given an AGTS Chapter Chairman Manual and several AGTS Handbooks for the volunteers.  The leaders will also receive the CBAGTS Recruiting and Training DVD.

Generally it is better for a new chapter to join the larger group in June, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Janice will be guiding and helping the new leaders with their organization and meetings, which she will attend. She will continue to be available for support and help for the first several years.

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